Trekking Cab­in at Lat­vian Coast

This is a small trekking cab­in placed on the Lat­vian coast­line as a rest place for the tired hik­ers. This project has been dcre­at­ed for Amber road Trekking Cab­in Com­pe­ti­tion 2017 by Haz­al Gulsan.


Can you hear the sound of pine trees, wash­ing in the wind, com­ing from Baltic Sea ? Do you feel cold.. tired ?

Have you been walk­ing all this time? Maybe it is time to take a moment. You can heat or cook for your­self in 
the firepit, rest for a while or stay for the night, use the water col­lect­ed in the stor­age and lay down to gain your 
strength, for the jour­ney is long and full of roughness.


The archi­tec­ture of this cab­in is inspired by the famil­iar, sim­ple form of Lat­vian hous­es and their promi­nent roofs, and the columns car­ry­ing it, from thick forests at Lat­vian Coast. It is intend­ed to cre­ate the atmos­phere of home in nature where you are already at home, in nature.