Tom­ba Brion

a/nother photographic representation of famous tomba brion by marvelous Carlo Scarpa.

I have lived in north italy for three years and this build­ing was the top of my list to vis­it. Unfor­tu­natel­ly I could not saw it until last year. 
Do you know pub­lic trans­porta­tion in italy? it is a bliss… Since I did not have a car I had to wait in the bus stop for about three hours and after I got off from the buss I had to walk around 20 min­utes to my des­ti­na­tion. To reach the tomb it is nec­es­sary to walk through a land­scape filled with trees and even though this small town in Castel­fran­co Vene­to is more than calm, this loca­tion make you feel like you are about to enter a sacred place.
Even though I was under the sharp sun of june, there was a light breeze once you enter the tomb com­plex. The main thing you se when you enter the lay­ered sur­faces of the com­plex and you feel some cer­tain depth while you are walk­ing through the nar­row entrance. 
It well worth wait­ing 3 years and 3 hours for tak­ing these shots.

Hope they would inspire you to vis­it it.